Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Home Page and previous visitors

I've simplified the Juneberry78s home page so it is far less 'cluttered'. I'm keeping the old home page for a while and will update it to allow for the new guest book and this blog.

Over the last several years descendants of the following artists have visited the website. In some cases we have provided original 78s from the era for a family treasure. In almost every case we have provided digital copies of the 1920s music that no one in the family had heard for many years. Some photos were forwarded to us that I will post shortly.

Albertville Quartet
Ashley's Melody Men
Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band
Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers
Brammer Brothers (early bluegrass band)
Buffalo Ragged Five
Deal Family
Grady Family
Happy Hayseeds
Haywire Mac's Orchestra
Bill Lamey (Cape Breton fiddler)
Fiddling Bob Larkan
Fiddling Sam Long
Emmett Lundy
Earl McCoy, Alfred Meng & Clem Garner
Moatsville String Ticklers
North Canton Quartet
Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers
Payne Family Quartet
Holland Puckett
Edd Rice
Jilson Setters (J.W. Day)
Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers
Tobbaco Tags
Walburn & Hethcox
Ira & Eugene Yates
Young Brothers
Jess Young

We were also contacted by the descendant by marriage of Gervis Bloodworth from the sensational Jones and Bloodworth Murder Case. Avoline Bloodworth wrote an excellent true crime book about the case- Murder At The County Line. Both Carl Conner and Vernon Dalhart made a record about the case.

It has been an honor and pleasure to be of service to these families.

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