Sunday, June 16, 2013

Health Status
As some of you might be aware Juneberry78s suspended distribution of our MP3 Discs, and trades / sales from our 78, 45 and 33 1/3 RPM Record Collections.
This was due to health issues and order fulfillment concerns.
Treatments have been successful so far and I look forward to returning to full strength.
I still have upcoming radiation treatments in Los Angeles in July.
After that I'll be on maintenance for two years.
Thanks to all for the good wishes posted to this blog, facebook, forums, e-mails, text messages, phone calls, etc.

 Juneberry78s Website Status
We have re-opened our MP3 Discs Distribution with some changes.
> We have reduced distribution of MP3 CD-Rs to 3 items.
> All of the content on the discontinued CD-Rs has been reissued on 3 new DVDs.
> The MP3s for all albums have been modified so the ID Tags now include Artist Album info and relevant JPeg images.
We will still wait a while before re-opening our Record Store.
We have found a mobile app for our website that runs great on Smart Phones.
There is no charge to you for this app and our site is now easy to use on your phone.
We also installed some Flag Counter mini windows on our home page.
In the past we received correspondence from such countries as Latvia, Japan, Sweden, Australia, France, China, Canada, as well as many other locations.
We similarly received correspondence from perhaps 25 to 30 US states.
Going forward we will have a more comprehensive picture.
It's too bad that we can't get the country, state & province counts retroactively.
Finally we are working on some MP3 Downloads featuring some interesting newly compiled albums.
Two of these albums are ready with more to come soon
Lots of great Roots Music.
Check it all out on

Playing Music
I'm an amateur musician who plays for my own enjoyment.
This T Cell Lymphoma cancer I've been battling and the treatment have left my fingers a bit "spastic",so in a way I'm starting over but still having fun.
Somehow my fingers do find their way more accurately playing clawhammer & minstrel banjo than they do on guitars.
This probably is due to fewer and lighter gauge strings on my banjos.
I try to play a little each day