Saturday, November 9, 2013

Automated MP3 Downloads

A number of  visitors have requested Downloads for our Legacy MP3 Roots Music Albums.  These albums have been distributed on CD-Rs and DVDs since we started our website back in 2005.  Early this year (2013) we made some MP3 Downloads available at very reasonable prices (usually $1.99 per album).  However, our customers usually had to wait several hours before receiving the downloads because it was a manual process.

To do automated downloads additional software was required.  We found an excellent product (DLGuard) for a reasonable price and had several people test it.  We made a few adjustments and have already rolled it out. now has a  direct link  to the automated downloads that replaces the old "manual" link.

We have created several new albums for downloads only and are in the process of making all 300+ of our albums available for downloads.   Well over 100 albums are available now.

This allows our customers to purchase as few items as desired and spend very little money to get one of our many albums with content you will find nowhere else.

In the near future we will use our new store -  to also resume sales of Records (78s, 45s & LPs), Books & Magazines, Used Commercial CDs & DVDs, Musical Instruments, etc.

With today's technology it is unbelievable what can be stored on a tiny computer component.  I am now a true believer in eBooks and digital MP3s.  I still will buy physical CDs like the new Bear Family Johnson City Sessions Box sets as well as discs with meaningful notes from County, Yazoo and Arhoolie.  Unfortunately liner notes are not distributed with downloads.